Do we Live on After Death ?

You all know that I AM a writer who obtains my information, my discourses from my God-Self. Well, today as I was pondering the question about Life after Death, I could not help but wonder if this is even possible. My outer senses tell me NO, but when i posed the question to my Higher Self, this is what i heard:

Voice: This my dear one can be only for the Heart of each individual to awaken to either now or after they leave their shell (your body). I can tell you tho that your trees of nature can give  you this answer. Do you ever wonder where the souls to your trees go when all their leaves drop and you think they are dead trees ? They go back to their Source to rejuvinate and start to re-enter their bodies (trunks) in your so called springtime season. At times they come back prettier and healthier, other times they come back starting off healthy and then seem to create a dis-ease. They too come back with new experiences to feel the differences of lifes feelings.

So what you are saying is that we as humans die and our spark of light (soul) leaves our bodies goes back to our Creator to rejuvinate and then come back to experience another type of life?

Voice: Yes ! This is the Universal law of Energy in Motion, your energy. I am sure somewhere your scientist have measured the humans weight before they die and then after they die..they seem to be lighter…(smile).

One more question, I have seen trees that stay dead and it’s not from any human made reason, such as fires, chemical spraying, etc. They just plain old are dead ! What is your take on this ?

Voice: These are the souls that have completed their cycles of life here on your earthly plain, but they do still live on in another dimension. No different with your human life on the planet Earth. To put it simply, whenever you have a de ja vue experience, maybe you should wonder about this Life after Death scenario:)


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  1. posithot
    Jun 27, 2012 @ 18:50:32

    this statement is true but its ok if the rainbow dissapears…as the rainbow is always in our hearts at all times…


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