God In the Pond

Sunday, a day to connect with your deeper inner self… Out the door I go to take a nice morning bike ride along the trails to here and there.   As I ride, I have a strong urge to connect with myself on a deeper level.  I decided to park my bike and sit on a park bench overlooking the intercoastal waterways.  I sat in a lotus position and closed my eyes to connect and possibly hear God speak to me.  No words were heard, but i still enjoyed the quiteness of the mind.  I said my I AM gratitude statements and off I rode.  As I was riding, I viewed a pond over to the left of me, tucked amongst some trees..the voice yelled out loud in my head.

Voice:  “Get off your bike and go and see God in the Pond.”

I got off of my bike and went over to the pond and looked to see what or where God was at. 

Voice:  “Look in the pond.”

I looked in the pond and all I saw was the reflection of my face.

Voice:  “Now there is God in the Pond, YOU”  Not only is God all around you in nature, but God is in you..Practice giving yourself divinity every moment of your breath. 🙂


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