War, What is it Good For ?

Awe the beginning of a new day…a day to go within and make sense of our existence.  Today as I did my morning meditational walk, the question that popped into my thot process and one that I really want to understand is, why is there War and what is it good for ?

Voice:  I love your title my dear one as it is one of song, is it not ?  As we observe how your planet creates the existence of war, we see that it is a part of control, power and greed of money.  Do they not realize that all of these can be removed from them, whether it be by illness, death and/or victory of their opponent.  In all three of these instantces there is a LOSS, but yet you continue to dwell on loss rather than JOY..the joy to be FREE and to understand that all can be had in life thru pure LOVE..  We see no need to kill as a means of righteousness..all of this  from our observance is child-like!  We also have observed how over time, your planet has always had WAR in its diet and that it never seems to go away..one that is not healthy for your souls..  It’s time for your planet to change its diet and begin to declare a “War on Joy”!

Well well there voice, thats a new one and just how do you create this War on Joy?

Voice:  Begin with yourself !  If you can begin your day with finding the things that bring your soul JOY and telling others to do the same, eventually your planet will be consumed with glorious JOY !! 

With a twinkle in our eyes and love in the heart, the voice 🙂

 It only takes one soul to change the world, but with more making the effort to change the world it becomes magnificent !  So what do you say, shall we begin the War on Joy ?


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