Good News and the not so Good News

How does one go about balancing their e-motions when they receive good news and/or not so good that suddenly makes you feel that the heaviness that life sometimes places upon us with different circumstances ( good news) , now seems lighter… and then again the news that comes along when you think life is floating along so well and then suddenly an occurance takes place that puts a pit in your stomache. ( not so good news).   Inside me I know that these feelings of joy and sorrow is great and all, but i feel the high/low will be replaced with back to same o same o…How do I balance my emotions so that i do not feel the sudden dip in the wave of emotions ?

Voice:  You will serve yourselves well when you strive to maintain a balanced outlook whether you are confronting great joy or great sorrow. Intensely emotional circumstances can throw your lives for a loop, making you feel as if the world will never be the same again. But all situations, no matter how fraught with feeling, eventually wind down, becoming just another part of the status quo. When you make the most of your emotions while recognizing that your circumstances will eventually pass, you do your part to maintain the internal equilibrium you have worked so diligently to achieve. Little can put you off balance, absorbed as you are in the knowledge that stability can be everlasting if you let it. So don’t allow your reactions to overwhelm you , but take pleasure in good news without disregarding other aspects of your existence.

In other words, what I am telling you is, don’t allow the overwhelming joy of good news or not so good news to be bigger than YOU..because you are JOY, not the news !

With a twinkle in our eyes and love in our heart, the voice 🙂

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