Valentine Day

Why is it that a day has to be designated for LOVE ?  Should not love be given and received EVERY day ?

Voice:  Some times you beings are just too busy just doing…that Love is taken for granted by each of you.  Somewhere in the cycle of your man made holidays, they found LOVE to be an important event…and all we can say to this is, YES IT IS !!  Love seems to be put on the back burner as a feeling or energy that you pick and choose when to use it and “Love” should be excerted as a daily practice.  When you put your head on the pillow for ending your day and/or as you are arising in the morning…give yourself love and gratitude for the rest and the new beginning to go out into the world and touch anyone you can with a smile of  LOVE .

Remember, that Valentines Day may be a day to kick start you back into the mood of LOVE..try to keep the energy going at all moments of your days..

With LOVE in our heart and a twinkle in our eyes, the voice.:)


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