Mirror Mirror of Me

I go about my days with bringing into my life circle people…People who I connect with and then there are those I walk away wondering why am I with them or having them around me ?  I went under the oak tree to hear the answer to this question.


Voice:  My dearest child of wonder, these people are just mirrors of you..You looking or listening to you !!! YOu came here to learn about yourself and you all are nothing more than pure light energy beings !! So when you attract someone into your energy field, you are asking them to help you grow your consiousness.

Well, my dear voice, I sometimes do not like to be around some of them as they make me feel weird, off balance…

You being or feeling off balance is only due to you not aligning your energies…you are allowing your glow of light to overflow into their field, when in fact you should keep your energy right with YOU..You ask, how do you do this ?  Keep your mind and heart with YOU and listen as they speak and do not allow yourself to go outside of youself…this is when you become off balance.  Don’t try to talk while they are speaking or don’t try to guess how to answer something they are speaking about…just listen ….

It’s when you ‘drift” off while the other is speaking that you allow your energies to seep into their fields and vice versa.  One must learn how to stay connected to their hearts while in the presence of another..

We say that all your encounters are Mirrors of Yourself…Love them, play with KNOWING that you are working towards brightening your God Light more and more as the moments go by..

With a twinkle in our eyes and love in our heart, the voice 🙂


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