Duality vs God Cousiousness

You know voice, i am starting to wonder what all the hype is about one leaving or living in duality verses God Cousiousness…Why must we need to even concern ourselves with one or the other ?  I seem to have been doing ok before all this global spreading of this took hold of our consiousness… Can you explain to me if this is something I should be concerned with ?

Voice:  My dearest child of the universe…YES, you must concern yourself with this…as you are here to experience either living in old energy of low vibrations, such as Anger, Doubt, Fear, Hate, Greed and any of your words that donot make your heart vibrate (sing) with Joy…The reason for the global mass of bringing into your consiousness the God(Love) Cousiousness is so that you may start to live a life of Joy, Happiness…LOVE…  You can choose to go between the two energies (duality or Love) and play with the vibrations of both…Ultimately, YOU as the creators of ALL, will know which vibration makes you walk tall and fly high…It’s time to come out of your hypnotic state of living in the low energies and create the world you want to surround you.  You have this power to do this.. and no ONE can remove this from you, unless you fall to their density.  Put yourselves there now..think, talk and walk with brightness and you will exude this to all that come into your presence..You become and carry the Christ Consiousness.  Stay lifted as often as you can and know that there will be times that your energy will come back to the low vibrations, because after all you are in human form and that this is OK…feel it …and then SWITCH on the GOD SWITCH…one must have discipline and the will to walk one day with only the higher vibration !!

With love in our hearts and a twinke in our eyes, the voice 🙂


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