Joy of Family

We often meander outside of ourselves to find what ?  Are we trying to fill a void of something we feel is lacking ?  As I set out to ride my bike on the trail, these are the questions I ponder within myself. 

Voice:  Yes, we hear your thots my dear one and we presented to you this morning, one of your family circles..your daughter and her little family…What did you feel when you approached them ?  Was it Joy ?

Matter of fact YES…my heart opened up with a space of feeling alive.

Well, this is part of why one should meander outside of themselves to reach out to Family and Friends with great Love in your heart.s..this action not only feeds you but it also feeds their hearts and souls of the feeling of JOY…

So we say that the only void that one feels ,not only comes from not being in touch with their inner being, but it is also a void of connecting to others in a special way…a way that seems to get lost …it’s called Love…

Thank you my wonderful voice from within…Your words to me and your action you presented to me with my family has opened up my heart even more !!!!

You are so welcome !!! with love in our heart and a twinkle in our eyes, the voice 🙂


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