Religion, Spirituality or YOU

I sit and ponder the difference of whether I am considered religious, spiritual or am i just ME ?  Why must I even have to label myself when it comes to my beliefs ?

Voice:  Did you know dear one that labels were created not by us, but by man…to control your masses..mainly with FEAR…  We say that if you can go within yourselves and listen to your inner voice, then you have made contact with your inner GOD…  So many of you do this, but brush it off as you talking to yourself and that there is no purpose or meaning to it..

Please remove the old paradigm or shall we say the old belief that you are not creators.  You and only YOU have the power to create either wonderful occurrences or not so wonderful…There is no magic potion out there to give you this ingredient called Living LIFE…You have had many teachers who have discovered this gift and that have walked your planet to spread the JOY of their discovery…but yet, you find that you must put your faith in external long gone beings to live your lives…Did they not teach you to go forward and flourish as they connect with in yourselves and that you would find the kingdom of heaven THERE..  and once you are  there, you can create your life with ALL that is impossible . You have been given three keys to your

The first is to Dream to make the impossible, possible!!!  The
second is to have Faith in youth
the third is to Love, have respect for all others .

( taken from  Journey of Man, Cirque de Solie)

So we say my wonder girl, religion/spirituality do not make who you are, YOU make who you are !!!  Listen and follow your heart in all that you set out to do and above all, make your thots those that will up-lift your soul .  You are what you THINK!

With love in our hearts and a twinkle in our eyes, the voice 🙂