I often wonder what it would be like if one did not have a Father to grow up with, a father who would hung you when you’re down, a father who would lend you some words of wisdom or a father who you would mold your future being..whether its your manhood ( the son) or if a woman (the daughter), a father you could help to choose a mate by.  Is this important voice to care to have a father in our lives ?

Voice:  My dear little soul, fathers are like donuts, they are sweet and there is almost one characterstic of a donut that you find wonderfully delicious… Well, fathers are the same … We all know that you have the opportunity to sit with yourselves and ask the question, ” what characterstic of my father do I find deliciously intriguing that i would like to create in my being or in a mate you  choose to partner with ?” 

Listen,  and you will hear that the hole that is missing from the donut, is YOU creating an extension from your father..  So, we say Love that you are here to extend the intriging qualities of your Father ; even if you may not even know who your Father may be. 🙂

 Believe me, there will be plenty of judgment calls that you will make of your father, but really deep down in everyones soul, you LOVE your creator of Life..you would not have chosen him 🙂

With a twinkle in our eyes and love from our heart..the voice 🙂

Message from the Dolphins

What a beautiful morning sitting on a dock overlooking open waters !! As I sat still in the morning glory of the sun, before me came a mother dolphin with her baby offspring !!!  As I sat there and took in their beauty, before me the baby dolphin swam and jumped its little jumps, while the mother swam nearby …. To see the joy upon the little freshness baby dolphin made me wonder will it always keep this state of mind and curiousity ?  In this moment of thot, in comes my wonderful voice to help me understand the dolphins messages…

Voice:  Thank you for noticing the beauty in these creatures !!! They are just as marvelous as YOU !!!  As you observe the baby learning it’s capabilities of itself, you too are just as this baby dolphin !!!  You may think that you are an “adult” but within all of you is the baby, the child..just waiting to explore new avenues of life…just as mama stands by to guide it, we stand beside you and guide you as well !!!  You are never alone…never….

You are never to old to begin A-New each day !!!  So, we say, go about your days with glory of a new beginning to explore yourself…when you explore who you are in-wardly…you will come to find that you too can create a world that surrounds you with lots of love and joy….The baby dolphin was there to remind you to play, to play…..and Mama Dolphin is just “the voice”  letting you know it’s ok to play and explore…

With love in our hearts and a twinkle in our eyes, the voice 🙂