As I watch people that I know transition from their bodies, I ask myself , where do we go ?  Why do we leave ?  Why can’t we just live on and on ?

Voice:  You all are no more than energy in form..  So, when your soul is ready to experience something else more, it chooses to leave..sometimes, the soul leaves without a trace of illness and then there are others that linger on this dimension with a dis-ease so that their loves ones and themselves (physical self) can hang onto the LOVE they feel for each other.

My dear one, the transitioning phase is one of wonder for the soul, but one of loss for the ones left behind…please help yourselves by allowing to KNOW in your hearts that you will see each other another time ,another space.  Where you go is one of great joy and happiness and all that surrounds you is peace-full-ness, play-full-ness and lots of LOVE !!!  You will be able to see each other in a new set of eyes and a new beginning.

You do live on and on ….if you believe in’s your choice.  Departure is nothing more than departing from one dimension and moving into another…  Learn about the dimensions of time and all your answers will be fullfilled.

With a twinkle in our eyes and love in our hearts, the voice 🙂



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