Lessons of Life

Do you ever wonder why we are born and where are we going with “life” ?  Well, I often consider myself  a mystic when it comes to understanding life, as I some times think that we are put or shall I say we put ourselves through all sorts of situations so we can learn from them…but then again, I ask why even do this, what does it matter ?

Voice:  You say mystic, we say yes !!!!!!!  You see life for you and why you were born is just that lessons of the soul.  You chose to be born so that you can learn the magic and power of your being.  Sometimes it takes several life times to finally come to the realization that your power or shall we say, your talents are one of many.  It is true that you put yourselves through different life situations to experience all that you can.  One day you will sit back and understand how you were the creator of it ALL…and that no other being helped you to be YOU…The funny thing is that many of you don’t realize just how talented you are and that you can change a scenario of your life with a twinkle of your nose (smile)..You ask how, well change the way you think !  You are what you “think”… you are no different than your computors, as you program your computors with the information you need, so you can do this with your thots…if someone comes into your field and says something to add to your thinking database and you are not in agreeance with what they are saying, just say to yourself, “control, alt, delete”.  By making this statement, you wipe it clean from your brain database. (smile)  So, we suggest adding this to part of your recipe of “lessons of life”.

With a twinkle in our eyes and love in our hearts, the voice  🙂