Do We Need Others To Find Our “Whole-Ness ?”

I often wonder what it means to be a Whole Being and how does one go about seeking to walk as this ?  So many times we hear others tell us you are not whole or you need to become whole before you can love another…So my wisdom voice, can you give me and many others clarity on this ?

Voice:  Whole-ness my dear one is nothing more than finding out WHO you are through the gift of other human beings coming into your life to show you aspects of YOU that need tweeking if they are not favorable.  What we mean by this, is when you come across someone who is able to pull anger, fustration, hate or withdrawal from others, this is a time that you get to go “within” and see why and where did these feelings come from…This other person is just someone you called into your “theatre” to play a part that shows you what you are lacking or what you are full of, which can be JOY, Happiness, etc ….

So, let me get this correct….I bring in Susie who when I get with Susie all she does is talk and talk my ear off.  I have no opportunity without yelling to be able to speak myself of whatever it is we are talking about..  I know that I am a good listener as I have always done this as a child…but I also have learned now that I look back,  that as a “good listener” from such a young age, I would learn profound messages that would help me to mold my life…So, is what you are saying , is the reason I brought Susie in to my life circle, is because I have more life lessons to learn and to help mold me ?

Yes, precisely that !!!!!!!  You aparently may be working on a new path of consiousness and Susie is here to help you with “listening” again and you most inevitably will find what she is talking about may help with what you are needing NOW to learn …  Susie may become a life long friend or you may part ways with re-membering her for coming into you life and helping you on your journey of SELF…  We say always look to everyone with Love and Gratitude in your Hearts and KNOW they are a part of YOU  and your WHOLE-NESS  !!!!

With a twinkle in our eyes and love in our hearts, the little voice 🙂


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