Just What Is “Love” Mean In A Relationship ?

I was sitting one day underneath my favorite oak tree pondering the question in my thot process, just what does it mean to have love in a relationship.. I sat quiet waiting for the voice to approach with its all seeing “opinion”..


We giggle at your question my dear one as we find it humorous to see how you struggle with such a simple reality of LOVE.  We will do our best to communicate the simplicity of Love and we will tell you how we see “lovers” show their love for one another.

Imagine two people in love…The world adores lovers and romance, for it senses union here and true giving-the giving of Self to SELF.  But altered state of Being is quickly off its mark and offers its reversed version of truth.  The giving of Self to SELF becomes the gift of Self to SELF. 

Before we continue with this examination, the assurance seems in place here that no judgment at all is laid upon the lovers of your world.  They too are here to learn as every other soul.    We find this to be a delicate chord amongst many of your species.  Although your understanding of love is a reversed one, for Love is Reality- exactly what is denied-you nevertheless regard it as your highest virtue.  As we observe how you lovers ache for each other, seek each other’s company wherever possible-in short, they need each other.  The most noble feelings the heart contains are now experienced here.  And truly, this is the closest Man or Woman comes to see his/her SELF in the other’s heart  !!! This is your reason for romance’s appeal.  She worships him-he worships her.  ‘ Ask what you will-I shall surrender with ease, if only I can be ONE with you’ says each to the other soul.

In truth, each lover values the other more than his or her own Self.  And so the bargain is struck.  What these two do not say in words is really this:  ‘I give my Self, which I value less than you, to you and in return I receive your Self, which I value more.  This way I shall be complete.  Obviously, the one I gave my discounted Self to must have picked the shorter straw.  Therefore, both made a bad ‘deal’, each one believing to have won the lottery.  What bad deals have in common is that they leave a bad after-taste, which burps up at the time of divorce (smile ).    We smile, because Love in a relationship must come first from Loving yourself 110% and when one can accomplish this Love for themselves, then they can truly come together with another who loves themselves just as much…and guess what you have ” A TRUE UNITY” !!!

With love in our hearts and a twinkle in our eyes, the voice 🙂


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