I hear that “happiness” is an inside job and that we should not look to people, places or things to give us “happiness”.  How does one go about finding Happiness with themselves?

Voice:  Well we tell you this, that to find happiness “out there” somewhere is a non-truth that you were taught from an infant on up into your adult lives.  Your parents, teachers, religious leaders, etc., all programmed you to think that they are the ones to furnish you happiness…As, we sit here admiring the gifts that you have to make your own beings happy, we too wonder WHY you do not use them.  You see my dear one, happiness is an inside job, meaning that one must go within their hearts to find what it is that makes them happy and just DO IT !!!!!!!!  It’s really simple, but hard to practice ..as you all are always trying to please others, only because you think this is the right thing to do,  when in fact you are hurting your own soul…Your soul needs to come first, and when you do for YOU first, all else falls right into place.  You will attract other souls that KNOW how to make themselves happy and not rely on others to do so.  Listen more to your own little voice inside and talk to her/him and ask, what will make you happy today ???  Do not think about anything else when making your choice to be happy, as this will keep many of you from following your souls heart 🙂

With a twinkle in our eyes and love in our hearts, the little voice


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