“Trust and Gratitude”

As I approached my meditation area and sat there for awhile admiring the beauty that surrounds me, I asked the voice if they would like to write again and if so, what should the discussion be about ?  I heard the words Trust and Gratitude and here is what the voice said:


Voice:  We love when you ask us our opinion on what to write as we have so many wonderful topics that your beings would love to learn and play with.  As we admire your ways of doing things, we also see how and hear how you think about your physical bodies…In observing how you treat your “temple” we find it amazing that you do not show gratitude to its existence of life.  What we mean by this is that somehow you trust that your bodies are functioning , but do you know what makes the heart tick or how your livers and kidneys cleans out toxins…You really don’t understand the magic of the physical body and how it operates…Your bodies hear all the words and thots  you say and think.   With this being said, your bodies will take on any negative or positive energy you put out through your words and/or your thots.  We say, that if say if you would like for your body to bounce with JOY, then be mindful of what you feed it mentally….


We would love for you to acknowledge what beautiful beings you are and also acknowledge all your components (organs) and verbally before going to sleep, talk to your body parts and thank each and every one of them for performing the task that they perform…They love when you talk to them and show them gratitude …and as you do this, they will in turn love you back…it’s called you “feel good”. 

We also recommend that you help your bodies by exposing them to the sun each day and taking them outside to sit or walk …when you do this for them, they in return will give you the strength and love to live life happily.

With a twinkle in our eyes and love in our hearts, the voice 🙂 

Do We Need Others To Find Our “Whole-Ness ?”

I often wonder what it means to be a Whole Being and how does one go about seeking to walk as this ?  So many times we hear others tell us you are not whole or you need to become whole before you can love another…So my wisdom voice, can you give me and many others clarity on this ?

Voice:  Whole-ness my dear one is nothing more than finding out WHO you are through the gift of other human beings coming into your life to show you aspects of YOU that need tweeking if they are not favorable.  What we mean by this, is when you come across someone who is able to pull anger, fustration, hate or withdrawal from others, this is a time that you get to go “within” and see why and where did these feelings come from…This other person is just someone you called into your “theatre” to play a part that shows you what you are lacking or what you are full of, which can be JOY, Happiness, etc ….

So, let me get this correct….I bring in Susie who when I get with Susie all she does is talk and talk my ear off.  I have no opportunity without yelling to be able to speak myself of whatever it is we are talking about..  I know that I am a good listener as I have always done this as a child…but I also have learned now that I look back,  that as a “good listener” from such a young age, I would learn profound messages that would help me to mold my life…So, is what you are saying , is the reason I brought Susie in to my life circle, is because I have more life lessons to learn and to help mold me ?

Yes, precisely that !!!!!!!  You aparently may be working on a new path of consiousness and Susie is here to help you with “listening” again and you most inevitably will find what she is talking about may help with what you are needing NOW to learn …  Susie may become a life long friend or you may part ways with re-membering her for coming into you life and helping you on your journey of SELF…  We say always look to everyone with Love and Gratitude in your Hearts and KNOW they are a part of YOU  and your WHOLE-NESS  !!!!

With a twinkle in our eyes and love in our hearts, the little voice 🙂

Just What Is “Love” Mean In A Relationship ?

I was sitting one day underneath my favorite oak tree pondering the question in my thot process, just what does it mean to have love in a relationship.. I sat quiet waiting for the voice to approach with its all seeing “opinion”..


We giggle at your question my dear one as we find it humorous to see how you struggle with such a simple reality of LOVE.  We will do our best to communicate the simplicity of Love and we will tell you how we see “lovers” show their love for one another.

Imagine two people in love…The world adores lovers and romance, for it senses union here and true giving-the giving of Self to SELF.  But altered state of Being is quickly off its mark and offers its reversed version of truth.  The giving of Self to SELF becomes the gift of Self to SELF. 

Before we continue with this examination, the assurance seems in place here that no judgment at all is laid upon the lovers of your world.  They too are here to learn as every other soul.    We find this to be a delicate chord amongst many of your species.  Although your understanding of love is a reversed one, for Love is Reality- exactly what is denied-you nevertheless regard it as your highest virtue.  As we observe how you lovers ache for each other, seek each other’s company wherever possible-in short, they need each other.  The most noble feelings the heart contains are now experienced here.  And truly, this is the closest Man or Woman comes to see his/her SELF in the other’s heart  !!! This is your reason for romance’s appeal.  She worships him-he worships her.  ‘ Ask what you will-I shall surrender with ease, if only I can be ONE with you’ says each to the other soul.

In truth, each lover values the other more than his or her own Self.  And so the bargain is struck.  What these two do not say in words is really this:  ‘I give my Self, which I value less than you, to you and in return I receive your Self, which I value more.  This way I shall be complete.  Obviously, the one I gave my discounted Self to must have picked the shorter straw.  Therefore, both made a bad ‘deal’, each one believing to have won the lottery.  What bad deals have in common is that they leave a bad after-taste, which burps up at the time of divorce (smile ).    We smile, because Love in a relationship must come first from Loving yourself 110% and when one can accomplish this Love for themselves, then they can truly come together with another who loves themselves just as much…and guess what you have ” A TRUE UNITY” !!!

With love in our hearts and a twinkle in our eyes, the voice 🙂

Sitting on the park bench

 As I was sitting on the park bench today, the voice started to speak to me in length about our evolution of our souls and how we take “ourselves” for granted…


sit beside you on that park bench of evolution – each speaking a different
language, each representing a different octave of light – but knowing innately
that we walk as one.  It is that oneness that we want you to introduce
yourself to on.  It is this oneness – that you often shun, and push away.
It is the face of God that you think is too ugly, too big, too old, too little,
too fat, too skinny, too much of one thing, or too little of another. 

this dear ones– the parts of you THAT YOU DENY, that you rebuke, that you
undermine, and under estimate – are 100% God.  The parts of your being
that encircle you at this moment of time are all aspects of a creator that you
have denied.  We speak of God as an all-encompassing unit of life, an
all-encompassing unit of light, and an all-encompassing unit of love. 

cannot embrace one aspect of your God-ness and shun the other 143
aspects.  You cannot walk away from your inner core as you turn your back,
your pretty head, and your heart on the very Divinity that needs to be
embraced.  You deny your Godhead by denying your beauty, by denying your
talents, by denying your abilities.  You deny the Creator when you deny
yourself.  You deny the Creator when you deny the chance of a miracle in
your life, the chance of true love knocking upon your door.  You deny the
Creator the chance of helping another through you.  You do not just deny 3
times a day as the cock crows  but you deny your Divinity 100’s of times a
day by refusing compliments, by refusing friendship, by refusing the gifts of

at how many you push away every day, and how often you push the good
away.  Whenever you deny anything – you rebuke and push away the Holiest
aspect of the Universe.  daily you verbally decree and declare that you
are one with the creator, asking for more spiritual wisdoms, and truths. 
You seek these understandings and yet minute after minute, breath after breath
you deny the universe, the Source that lives within you and every one of your

things that come to you are gifts from the Creator that you choose not to
unwrap, or acknowledge. Goodness is easy to see and find in the long hours of
the day but what about all your experiences that are not as easy, not as
pretty, and not as fun.  All parts of the universe are walking into your
world because you summoned them, you put out the clarion call, and you issued a
decree – “Come forth into my life Teach me, Show me. The learning’s come
whether by pleasure, by pain, by goodness, by badness, by dark, or by
light.  It does not matter.”  You called forth everything that
happened to you on this day and yesterday and tomorrow from the very second of
your birth to the very second of your death.  You called it all into
existence.  You called to the good guys, you called to the bad guys, you
called the lack, and the prosperity.  You beckoned it by your thoughts,
your words, and your energies. 

say it over and over again; your world is a giant cosmic etch-a-sketch. 
You are drawing the very blueprints, of your existence.    You
beckon it forward with your likes, your dislikes, your angers, your loves, your
hates, your wants, and your needs.  Deny nothing that comes to you. 
It is all in Divine proportion. 

to your world for the divinity that you seek.  Your world reflects the
divinity that you seek.  You want angels – angels shall come.  You
want the Easter bunny – he shall be here too.  Whatever on Earth that you
ask for – is given to you –you are the favorite children of the Creator! 
You are the chosen people yet you see it not. 

quickening is upon you, for you, beside you, in you, beneath you, and above
you.  We are all family members in the heavenly realm, but you were the
last-born and the favorite of the Father.  Everything was given to you,
but like a spoiled child you do not appreciate the gifts.  You who are the
favorite children, need to remember and choose yourself.  Why do you think
it is a planet of free choice and free will that you reside upon? 
Everything revolves around choice, chosen, choose –What will you choose? 
How will you choose?  Who will you choose?  You wait energetically
for others to choose you, for God to choose you, when all along it has been
your choice. You chose, you create, you manifest, from the inside out!

the Chosen, the One who chooses the highest Light.  Stop denying your
divinity.  Every minute of your day, every action with every person and
every situation — is divinely instructed and orchestrated what songs are you
playing to others?  You break bread with the Creator every minute of every
day with every breath, every choice, every situation – you are breaking bread
with the Divine.   Sit at the table of Light and sup upon what has
been given you.

have been cut from the finest weave of the Creator.  You are the best of
the best that was placed upon earth, a place where you have forgotten who you
are.  You have forgotten your abilities.  You have just plain
forgotten.  And you feel forgotten as you act out forgetting.  You
cannot ever be forgotten by any aspect of God.  Whenever you meet another
– you are meeting divinity incarnate – and that should be a given.  We sit by you on this park bench of the cosmos and we share our light with all of you..Listen and feel our Love !!!

 With a twinkle in our eyes and love in our hearts, the voice 🙂 



I hear that “happiness” is an inside job and that we should not look to people, places or things to give us “happiness”.  How does one go about finding Happiness with themselves?

Voice:  Well we tell you this, that to find happiness “out there” somewhere is a non-truth that you were taught from an infant on up into your adult lives.  Your parents, teachers, religious leaders, etc., all programmed you to think that they are the ones to furnish you happiness…As, we sit here admiring the gifts that you have to make your own beings happy, we too wonder WHY you do not use them.  You see my dear one, happiness is an inside job, meaning that one must go within their hearts to find what it is that makes them happy and just DO IT !!!!!!!!  It’s really simple, but hard to practice ..as you all are always trying to please others, only because you think this is the right thing to do,  when in fact you are hurting your own soul…Your soul needs to come first, and when you do for YOU first, all else falls right into place.  You will attract other souls that KNOW how to make themselves happy and not rely on others to do so.  Listen more to your own little voice inside and talk to her/him and ask, what will make you happy today ???  Do not think about anything else when making your choice to be happy, as this will keep many of you from following your souls heart 🙂

With a twinkle in our eyes and love in our hearts, the little voice