Where do you Live ?

As I go about my day, I come across so many that ask me or myself also asking for that matter, “where do you live ?” or “Where are you from ?”  Somehow when I go to respond to this question, with an answer of “I live in Florida.” Or I live in a city called, “Palm Harbor”, the voice in my head says, “no you don’t !”  rather than ignore the voice, I went and sat quiet to hear the rest of the message…so, my little voice, “where do I live or where am I from ?”


The answer to these mystery questions are far more than what one thinks…You see, you do not live, you b r e a t h e air from source, you are omnipresent..you can be here, there or anywhere all at the same time…you are from no-where …you breathe, therefore you ARE .  You have been brought up or trained shall I say to answer certain questions certain ways, but in fact you all are capable of un-training your thots in old ways of programming and start to pull your answers from your SOURCE or GOD… it is not written that you cannot be a Free Thinker…there is no law against it…it is YOU my dear ones that must unprogram yourselves into believing that you must pull from an old database…Build your own database, cross the line into your true FREEDOM…be the I AM….


Again, I will point out that nature spirits (animals/insects) do not have an answer for where they come from..now do they?  So, what makes you think that you are from somewhere…so, the next time someone ask, where are you from?  Tell them, “I am from everywhere and that you “live” inside of “yourself”…

Once again, the voice makes sense…so try to unplug from your old ways of thinking and see how simple and powerful of a being you are meant to BE…



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