What is the meaning of Conversation

What is the meaning of conversation….why must we have it or even need it ?  I spent the last couple of days observing myself trying to have a conversation with people and it seems that people generally like to hear themselves talk and not really listen to what each other has to say….we just talk at each other, rather than listen.  I find it more difficult to have conversations with those of lately and I am trying to figure out why ?  So, I thot I would ask the little voice inside of me and this is what I heard.


My dearest one conversation on your planet is just that conversation….nothing more nothing less.  When you truly want to have a conversation with another, use listening as your tool .


What, listen…how can this be having a conversation ?


Because the true conversation comes from the heart and not the mouth… the heart talks and you put into action what the heart is telling you…this is conversation…you have been taught that words are needed in order to make people understand who you are or what you stand for…try not speaking so much and show them who you are..whatever it is you claim you are or know to be true, surely you must be able to “show” rather than saying it..before there was language you used body language, drawings, symbols and telepathy..Re-member your traits that you have within YOU and bring them out NOW….


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