Reality of Truth

I ponder the statement “ Reality of Truth”…just what does this mean.  Do you ever wonder just what is the Truth about anything and everything?  I like to think of my-self as someone who likes and wants to practice Truth, but as I approach the moments of any given day, I come to find out I know nothing..   So I turned to the little voice for an explanation on “Reality of Truth”.


Ah…. This Reality of Truth my dear one is very simple…  Do you practice being simple in your wants?  Do you practice listening to others while they speak?  Do you take time out each day to observe nature?  Do you help others by using positive verbiage when communicating with them?  Do you let the people you know that are close to you that you love them or even people you don’t know…love has no boundaries…and its always pleasing to hear the words “ I love you”


Message:  TRUTH is not about telling the truth when someone ask you a question, although this is important.  Truth has more to do with how you portray yourself to the world..  Are you a person who wears a mask when around other people and then you take the mask off when you approach your normal environment?  If you are, then reconsider how TRUTHFUL you really are?


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