Mind Chatter

It was a day in October on the day of my birth, the 3rd two years ago that I was to understand the message that was given to me from a gentlemen I encountered on my walk..


The day was cool and sunny, a beautiful beginning to celebrate my birthday…before I set out to take my morning walk, I was mulling over in my head all the things to do when I got into the office.  My mind chatter was so prevalent that morning that I forgot what I was there for !!!!  as I caught myself being intertwined with thot, I stopped and verbally told myself to STOP and go for my walk..never mind what I had to do….but before I left…I told spirit that if there was any message he/she had to give me on this day, that I would welcome it !!! so off I went…..


As I proceeded with the walk, there was this man that I could see in the distance standing in place and looking up and down and all around…I looked up to see what he was staring at and I could not see a thing.. so I kept walking and I caught up to him and he was still doing the staring and looking around.  I proceeded to say “hi” to him and he looked at me and said a warm “hi” and introduced himself to me.  His name was KneeShu.  He took a look and me and said, “you need to stop the mind chatter.”  “Our only purpose here is to stop, look around and see all the beauty that surrounds you.” WOW…this was a profound message to receive that day.  As I really did not quite understand the all of his words, today I do !!!!


We have been given a beautiful world to share not only with other human be-ings, but with animals, bugs, etc.  I never thot I would see myself really looking at insects and admiring their beauty…but today I take the time to notice all of the creations that are put before our eyes and our senses…I notice that insects and animals don’t have “mind chatter”…it makes you wonder why we were given it…but in pops the voice..


My dear one….you were not given mind chatter, you created it in order to block your senses…you were born pure and innocent and one can re-gain this back if they truly want it…Tell your mind that it is no longer in control and that YOU are dismissing its “voice”…  and that the only words or sounds you will give it are the ones of joy and happiness….Let your mind know that you are ready to take on the new energy of Loving all and Fearing nothing…and that you cannot or will not serve two energies….that the love energy is far more powerful and joyful…


But, my little voice…this is easier said than done…I try to tell my mind this and somehow in sneaks negative thots (fear) ..how do you stay full time in the energy of Love ?


By FAITH….you must have faith in what you are telling your mind…so many of you talk the talk, but don’t have faith in your power to create all that you want in your lives…you allow obstacles as negatives, instead of looking at them and seeing how you can turn them into a positive…the more you practice this, the easier it becomes to stay in the love energy and believe it or not, its FUN !!!!! 

What is the meaning of Conversation

What is the meaning of conversation….why must we have it or even need it ?  I spent the last couple of days observing myself trying to have a conversation with people and it seems that people generally like to hear themselves talk and not really listen to what each other has to say….we just talk at each other, rather than listen.  I find it more difficult to have conversations with those of lately and I am trying to figure out why ?  So, I thot I would ask the little voice inside of me and this is what I heard.


My dearest one conversation on your planet is just that conversation….nothing more nothing less.  When you truly want to have a conversation with another, use listening as your tool .


What, listen…how can this be having a conversation ?


Because the true conversation comes from the heart and not the mouth… the heart talks and you put into action what the heart is telling you…this is conversation…you have been taught that words are needed in order to make people understand who you are or what you stand for…try not speaking so much and show them who you are..whatever it is you claim you are or know to be true, surely you must be able to “show” rather than saying it..before there was language you used body language, drawings, symbols and telepathy..Re-member your traits that you have within YOU and bring them out NOW….

Reality of Truth

I ponder the statement “ Reality of Truth”…just what does this mean.  Do you ever wonder just what is the Truth about anything and everything?  I like to think of my-self as someone who likes and wants to practice Truth, but as I approach the moments of any given day, I come to find out I know nothing..   So I turned to the little voice for an explanation on “Reality of Truth”.


Ah…. This Reality of Truth my dear one is very simple…  Do you practice being simple in your wants?  Do you practice listening to others while they speak?  Do you take time out each day to observe nature?  Do you help others by using positive verbiage when communicating with them?  Do you let the people you know that are close to you that you love them or even people you don’t know…love has no boundaries…and its always pleasing to hear the words “ I love you”


Message:  TRUTH is not about telling the truth when someone ask you a question, although this is important.  Truth has more to do with how you portray yourself to the world..  Are you a person who wears a mask when around other people and then you take the mask off when you approach your normal environment?  If you are, then reconsider how TRUTHFUL you really are?