Our Animals Transition

Our Animals Transition

Did it ever occur to you that our animals as they age and are ready to move on, that they show us signs of being ready to go…like for instance, they either quit eating, start loosing their memory or their bowels become uncontrollable.

Just when does one know when to help them make the transition…are these signs from them telling us “please help me move on”… Somehow we have been given the capabilities to help our animal friends, companions move on….so what or why do we hold on to them ?

Why, because we are afraid of not having their physical presence around us anymore…well, I and many others are witnessing our animals leaving their bodies and going into the other world…how I know this, is because they show us signs of perkiness, like they are young again.. and then when they come back to us they go back to their sickly selves…they just want us to pay attention to them and they will show you that when they are set free they will be YOUNG again and not in any pain…so please help them and help your selves to loose any guilt feelings you may harbor for making the decision to “set them free”.


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