The Bible


 Let me begin my story with telling you that I am not promoting religion, but the word and feeling of LOVE..

 I began a day a month ago doing my morning walk along a beautiful beach causeway…I set out that morning not only to exercise, but to help clean up the beach..(pick up trash)..along my clean-up I met a man, we both struck up a conversation …our conversation was more about belief and faith in God…I welcomed his uplifting words with open arms as it brought comfort to me.. After leaving the beach, I set out to look for a bible to continue with finding out the truth about God….  I was a person who went to Sunday school when I was younger, but I did not practice my faith in a traditional way, by going to church…I always prayed to something, someone, but not sure who….I never read the bible in its entirety, because for one, I could not understand it …but I thot now that I am older maybe I will be able to understand it.. so off on my journey of seeking out a bible.  I asked around of family and friends to see if anyone had a spare that I could borrow…but to no avail they did not have any extras to loan out….  Now, I could have went out and bought one, but somehow in my heart I felt that God did exist, and a bible would show up that I did not need to pay for and that I did not have to go to extreme measures to get one… 

 Here I am a month later still without a bible…until today that is, a miracle has taken place !!!!  I went on a bike ride in the neighborhood and as I was riding along, there in the gutter sat a little book, titled The Holy Bible..

 I immediately stopped my bike, picked up the book and yelled in mind and heart Thank You , Thank You, Thank You !!!!  There is a God !!!! As I rode off I heard the little voice in my head tell me that we are listened to daily and to continue with having Faith and to bring this message to all who will listen…Let them know that God loves them and that God is not lying somewhere in a gutter, but in their hearts and he/she awaits for our communication …we just need to make time to talk to him/her..





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