The other day I was outdoors taking a break from the indoors.  I proceeded to walk down to this beautiful big oak tree that is on our property…I call it “Thank You” as she/he presents me with the glory of seeing its beauty and strength.  As I went to sit down I noticed a lizard laying up above on one of the branches…just resting away…and then a beautiful monarch butterfly flying right before my eyes landing on a decorative glass ball that I have hanging from the branch. 


Naturally, my instinct was to reach out and see if the butterfly would transfer onto my finger…well it did not …it flew to the branch that the lizard was resting on.   Hmmm…noticing the lizards reaction to this, it took an about face and faced the butterfly almost like it was getting ready to attack it…I became alarmed at this viewing and I asked the man/woman in the sky if I should interject the lizard from eating the butterfly…..and I heard:


Do not interfere with nature, allow yourself to view what is taking place as I have a message for you ….So I proceeded to pay attention and not interfere with making the butterfly fly off so that the lizard would not eat it.  Well I noticed how the lizard was taking its time to attack it…take into consideration that the butterfly was only about 3 inches away from the lizard…they both sat there staring at one another…  the voice said:

Did you know that in nature the attacker always ask permission first before it attacks and if the insect is to agree the attacker will proceed.  This is why they sit there face to face at a stare down..  So, is this the message for me? No, keep watching…the lizard proceeded with the attack and down comes the butterfly to the ground.  I rushed and picked up the butterfly and as I held it, it looked still alive, but as I took a closer look, there was no head…the lizard took the head off…I became very disturbed by this…almost somewhat angry…I put the butterfly back up on the branch and told the lizard to finish what he started…he might as well eat the whole thing…The lizard took one look at it and left….i sat there wondering what the message was….in pops the voice…

My dear one you spend most of your days wondering this and that or how is this is going to get done and on and on..your brain keeps ticking away….my message to you is to

GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD……instead think with your HEART as this is your true answer machine now…not your head..all of life has a flow and you cannot interfere with its happenings…you must learn to allow  and trust this FLOW….your heart will tell you if its not your truth..:)




Do you ever wonder if there is a GOD out there or some Unseen Essential that hears you when you talk? Listen, as I unravel my experience just the other day while at the vegetable stand.


I tell you this story only to show you that you don’t have to be religious to know if there is a true connection to the voice in the head…to me the voice is GOD…and please you may make it anything you want …Source, Light, whatever,  its there !!!!!!!!!!  listening to YOU….


So I went to the vegetable stand to buy a few things, I was feeling pretty good this day…lately I have been experiencing things in my life that I would call unfavorable…but this day I was feeling good..  I bought my fruits and veggies got in the car and I told GOD thank you for the way I was feeling today…my anxiety was not there and I was very grateful that I felt good ..I relayed my feelings to God again by telling him that I LOVED HIM !!!!!!!!!!!!


As I proceeded to pull out of the parking lot and onto the road back home, my eyes went to the license tag in front of me, it read      “ I (a heart shape symbol)  U of  M”…

I asked the voice in my head what is this telling me and I heard that “ I LOVE YOU because you are of Me”  !!!!!!!!!!!!!


So please, know in your hearts that you are being listened to and don’t be afraid to connect to your God …we are truly cared for….we just need to re-member who we are…


Love you all…..Me

Who are We ?

  We reach a high vibrational level when we are whole, healthy, and fulfilling our potential.

All matter is made up of energy, and that energy is in motion continually. Everything in the universe, from the smallest molecules to the most complex living beings, has an optimal rate of vibration to keep it healthy. We reach this high vibrational level when we are whole, healthy, and fulfilling our potential. Human beings are able to consciously control these vibrations within themselves using a variety of techniques. We know when we have reached a high vibrational state because we feel good and can sense that we are aligned with all that is. We find we are capable of healing and have good intuition and perception that are a result of our resonating closer and closer to our ideal frequencies.

Thoughts, emotions, intentions, choices, and actions contribute to our vibrational state, as do the environments we inhabit. Affirmative activities that leave us feeling joyous, appreciative, loving, and peaceful raise our vibration. Constructive, creative, and expansive thoughts do the same. When we cultivate habits that contribute to our physical health and strength, our vibration is likewise raised. Certain mantra meditations, breathing exercises, and chants are designed to increase vibration. But simply practicing gratitude and forgiveness, surrounding ourselves with loving high-vibration people, eating whole foods, and spending time in nature can also help us transcend our current vibrational limitations.

When your desire for change is strong enough, you will find yourself gravitating toward what can help you achieve and maintain a high vibrational state. A positive outlook will then become the most important tool you possess, and this outlook will sustain you when the path leading toward transformation is wide and winding. As you evolve, your vibrational frequency will also evolve, aiding you in the creation of an even higher reality. Consciously and unconsciously, you will attract auspicious circumstances and positive people that will help you continue exploring the scope of your higher self until you move beyond the earthly plane.